Is Mesut Ozil on his way out of Arsenal?

Alexis Sanchez is being tipped to leave Arsenal at the end of the current season as the Chilean player is rumored to have a negative relationship with many of his own teammates and even with Arsene Wenger himself.

However, there is another hugely influential Arsenal player that is being linked with a move away from the Premier League club, it’sMesutOzil.The 28 year old German player MesutOzil is entering the final year of his contract with Arsenal and a contract extension is starting to appear doubtful.

MesutOzil has recently picked up a hamstring injury which has left him out of action for a few recent matches of Arsenal including an encounter against West Bromwich as well as when facing off with Liverpool on March 4.

There is another reason of why Ozil is being rumored of why he is currently getting dropped on a more consistent basis and according to reports it’s due to a fall-out that the German experienced with Arsene Wenger and now as punishment, Ozil has had to stay on the sidelines for some matches.

It seems hard to believe that the most expensive signing in the history of Arsenal is starting to develop an unhealthy relationship with Arsene Wenger and that only after 4 seasons; he would be on the transfer list as the French manager would want to keep hold of the player that cost the club £42.5 million unless he is able to offload him at a higher price.

One of the other reasons of why selling MesutOzil is just not a very plausible thing to happen is due to the fact that the German player is a hugely influential player who has consistently helped Arsenal in their journey of snatching a spot in the higher spot of the English Premier League.

A transfer of course might still indeed occur as everything will depend on whether or not the player does have a bad relationship with Arsene Wenger but it does appear to be difficult to believe.