24 thoughts on “Arsenal players on their team mates

  1. when a new player comes in. they have to do something to be ‘accepted’ by the other players. usually involving some sort of dance,singing. good times ha

  2. They say Per Mertesacker’s the slowest and Szczesny (I think) says “the whole half’s done by the time he turns.”

  3. Depends really. Some metal is great, other forms of it can be shit, same as any genre. I think you’ve fallen slightly for the stereotype that it’s just literally screaming, shouting and random noise, that’s completely false. Only a small percentage of it is anything like that.

  4. I don’t listen to bullshit like that dude, I listen to mainly underground artists, and some of Eminem’s old unique music.

  5. Ability to play instrument’s isn’t very widely appreciated any more…. go listen to chris brown and fuck off….

  6. Good taste? horrible loud noise and screaming and shouting is hardly good music lol sounds like utter shit, I got throw a trash can around my living room and shout, that’s metal, I’d rather listen to puke coming out of somebody’s anus than listen to awful metal.

  7. The longest in the shower question are they implying Wilshere is gay?

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