25 thoughts on “Arsenal players perform ballet for New Citroen DS5

  1. That sucked comon arsenal your the gunners why are you dancing you shoud be wining the barklays leage or the F.A. Cup. I’m a die hard fan that is very mad with the team. I want to see beter and as a fan I deserve beter than 3rd place. I miss the good old days. Let’s go arsenal I’ll never leave you for another team while soccer is still around you’ll always be my #1 team

  2. they do say watching arsenal play is like watching ballet, this ad just brings them together

  3. ‘Before turning to football, Szczęsny first learned ballroom’-Wiki

  4. 1:03 Woj’s expression – can you see THE PRIDE in his face!?!?!? And of course, the whole-hearted leap XD

  5. Chamberlain needs a strength increase on the next fifa judging by this lifting. The Arsenal lads know how to have a laugh and aren’t afraid to show it.

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