25 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Man City 1-0

  1. I was watching this in a Gooner’s pub with my brother, cousin, dad and two uncles (one of them works there)
    Arteta’s goal just made me so happy that while everyone else around me was waving fists, cheering and hugging, I just stood there smiling/laughing.
    Class 1 – 0 Cash

  2. He was very good earlier in this season but has faultered a bit lately.

  3. how do you get so much subs and comments on youtube,on kai111122 i have 14 subs and 60,845 view is that enough

  4. u have to apply, but u have to have lots of subscribers and views so you might have to wait to it mate.

  5. to be honest, I’m quite excited about Ramsey. You can see that he has vision, but he executes so poorly.

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