22 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012: An Idiot Abroad: S1Ep7-February

  1. Would be amazing, there is a slight doubt in my mind about 2nd though

  2. no shame in losing 6-1 to barca and getting beat of udinese who are very strong at home but you seem to be doing well enough 2nd would be a amzing finish after the first season

  3. Yeah that is the frustrating thing about fm sometimes. Yeah try it ity helps when you have the right players

  4. A few nice finishes there. I have 3 top strikers who all have pretty high form but they miss some of the most simple chances. Maybe it’s my fault for watching the 3d view and expecting it to be realistic but we create enough chances to score 5 or 6 with only simple finishes yet we never score that many.
    I also noticed you don’t have your central midfielders in the centre even though one is more defensive. I’ll have to try that out.

  5. Was a bit tasty that goal ! !
    Wish my Torquay team could score a couple like that

  6. Hey bro could you or any1 tell me how to look who have bought who on this game because I want to see who have lol plz let me no

  7. How many others sit watching this video whilst having your own FM game running in background?

  8. thanks mate, its whether i can stay there. We will see and legend 😀

  9. Why the hell not: AKINFENWA!!

    Anyway, looking really good! Pretty amazing to have gone above Barça, well done mate. Keep it up!

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