25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – Bolton At Home – Full Live!

  1. I’m managing Woles too, in my second season. I got Gary Hooper and Scott Brown from Celtic last season, Denilson from Arsenal this season.

  2. Just a few tips mate. Regarding the match preparation, I’ve read quite a few articles on this and I’ve tried it and I’ve seen that it worked. During pre season, I put the match preparation on team work very high so that they get familiar to the formation. Always start with 1 formation in pre season. Then if you’re a smaller team during the season go with Defensive positioning or defensive movements. (forgot what its called) works really well

  3. Unlucky Wolves getting relegated today, hopefully they can get back up next year, btw Griffiths is a fantastic player ( I guess I’m only saying that cos he’s at Hibs at the moment lol) you should play him more.

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  5. Anto , its better if you did like a review of a couple of games each episodde , just a suggestion for next video!

  6. Gary Taylor-Fletcher got 2 assists you should make him a first team player for good 😀

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  8. Anto, try bringing the match speed down a notch. Great video and please continue this series mate 🙂

  9. please check out our channel just give us a chance thanks for reading this

  10. Great vids mate, just so your sure it’s either Hendry Thomas or Karl Henry 🙂

  11. this is 100x better then fifa 12 career mode. this has everything, fifa 12 just has youth academy transfers….

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