25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – S05E02 | Sunderland Story | Gameplay | Commentary

  1. Danny Welbeck is amazing he scored 3 goals on his debut when sunderland won 4-2 and sporting lisebon

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  3. @sachaz150, this is my first FM and i got bored with them, so i am going to get used to the game more and be my team, Queens Park Rangers, and then i will start my VM season again

  4. ntm, how do you find these players on the game? do you scout places and hope for the best? keep up the good work btw (Y)

  5. You got a cold NTM? Your nose sounds a little clogged here, hahaha. I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself here. Regenerating an aged squad in the EPL is tough, 11th after 27 games is very very good. Great vid!

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