25 thoughts on “Hitler’s rage at Spurs blowing their 10 point lead to Arsenal!

  1. an awkward moment when you realise just as many jews support arsenal and spurs arent a “jewish” club, just because many support it, doesnt make it fully jewish, its like me saying a lot of black people in north london support arsenal, must be a black club

  2. Ramsey talent hahaha. When rvp fucks of the real madrid. Arsenals main man podolski will step in HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow Arsenal have a billionaire chairman, and they still spend fuckall.

  3. that awkward moment that tottenham are in the top 4 and van rapist goes to barcelona

  4. nice video … but i don’t think that this shit that called ramsey is a footballer

  5. If Osama Bin laden care about Arsenal winning, no doubt Hitler must have care about some English team winning in his days as he was a “role model” to Osama.

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