25 thoughts on “KSI and RVP at Arsenal vs Manchester United | #KSIARMY

  1. Forget Van Persie weve got Falcao but who have you got Arsenal? Danny
    Welbeck. Hahahahahahahahaaaa

  2. “yeah we would’ve won the league. Carricks our best player” i nearly fell
    off my chair and broke my arm laughing

  3. The reason Man Utd came 7 in the premier league was because of Moyes and
    with a new Manager they won Guiness International Champions Cup 

  4. You Arsenal fans are really funny 😀 one bad season and you think United is
    finished 😀 sorry but it wont be that easy for you 😀 what has Arsenal
    managed to win in past few years ? 😀 Man Utd is and always will be the
    best club in England and soon in the world. I have respect for Liverpool
    because of their history despite the fact that they are the Man utd’s
    greatest rivals.. but how can i have respect for Arsenal who sold all their
    best players.. Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie …even to rival clubs..
    United has something that teams like Man City and Chelsea cant buy.. Class
    and history… Sir Alex was genius and players like Giggs, Scholes, Beckham
    come once in era and now we got Van Gaal and I can see the bright future
    for Utd :)

  5. Btw good job Robin the last trophy you would ever win you won it!!…Now
    get ready to play in Europa league till you retire you cunt!!

  6. i bet the game where man utd won 8-2 was the last straw for RVP, like fuck
    it i want some titles…

  7. its fucking ironic…. he wants to win in the premier league. and he goes
    to the one club who actualy wins it, ALWAYS. but this year they wont even
    qualify to the fucking europa x))))))

  8. …For the longest time I thought they were chanting “Ooohhh rubbin my
    puuuuusssssyy” x.x

  9. its pretty funny how van persie moved to win a trophy, but now man u are
    shit lol

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