25 thoughts on “Thomas Vermaelen | Need a hero Part 1

  1. such a compelete defender.. one of the most complete defenders in the world.. you could play him all over the pitch.. has more in his game than vidic does,such great technique and pace on the ball.. i would rather have him in my defence than vidic.. and he has such a winning mentality, he has the heart of a lion.. THOMAS ‘THE VERMINATOR’´╗┐ VERMAELEN

  2. Vermaelen Part 1 :´╗┐ Bonnie Tyler – Holding out for a hero
    Vermaelen Part 2 : The Royal Rumble (WWE 2010)

  3. great video as always. Vermaelens´╗┐ goal against fulham was after his own goal to be fair

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