24 thoughts on “Wolves vs Arsenal 0-3

  1. Varmaelen, Sagna and Rosicky were decent…everyone else was terrible.

    Djourou is terrible and cant get goalside of players.

    I kept screaming at players like Song, Sagna..etc because they didnt get goalside of players and let them past too easily.

  2. Walcott was complete shit. Ramsey again barely did anything creative.

    I like how Santos got forward but he was simply not effective in the final third.

    I think Ox should have came on instead of Ransey…seems more confident with the ball, looks to get it forward and can take players on.

    Id like to see song, Ox, Rosicky, Gerv/benayoun, Walcott, Rvp as our midfield/attack against Chelsea.

    Can Benajoun play against his team or is he tied??

  3. Well not really because we normally have a good run till the end of the season then we have a bad game and we dont have the experience to get back on track like Man U have done through out this season but we hit form and good runs at crucial times this season which is why we are 3rd.

  4. as much as I love watching a video of a fellow gooner, I am annoyed by the fake thumbnail u put to make it look like a highlight. put some animation like ‘afcghk’ .. u’ll still get views …nothing personal, just my opinion! cheers! 🙂

  5. if anyone knows anything about spurs being raped please call 51-51-51 arry was last seen crying lol

  6. i dont are about ramsey. i want vela to come back and play a game for arsenal

  7. hello afcghk this is kai111122 i just made another a and now this is arsenalkcp!i will subscribe to you if you can do it to me and i still don’t no how to costimize this channel

  8. you have to go into channel settings and then it says about Upload watch page channel icon

  9. well not really because in the last few season we have had a very bad run at this time of year.

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