25 thoughts on “A New Arsenal – 2013/2014

  1. watched this more than 30 times, still gives me the chill, fucking shit i
    cant stop watching this!!

  2. doesn’t look any different to me. still getting smashed by big teams, still
    not winning trophies and still struggling for top 4. arsenal wont change
    until wenger is gone

  3. OK ,so I am(was) a Madridista ,but since Ozil came here, I started to watch
    some Arsenal matches … Their team …Brilliant 🙂 And that guy,Ramsey,is
    officialy my Favorite player,He turned from a Good ,to a World Class Player
    .. I bet that these assholes will win the BPL and the UCL … They are
    capable..NO,NO ,THEY MUST .

  4. This is my 2nd comment here…. Watching it for many times now, absolutely
    amazing work. Did it on my TV, big projector, everywhere. My Chelsea
    supporter(!) friend @KisdrogbaProductions watched this 5 times! Can’t wait
    for you to make more videos.. This suits Arsenal’s style perfectly: smooth
    and quality! 🙂 Well done

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