12 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Episode 6 | Football Manager 2015 Let’s Play

  1. Why do you alsways stick to the attacking mentality? Especially when you
    want to conserve a lead, it can be very valuable to go for contain, counter
    or someting like that.

    Also, sometimes a switch between control and counter (for example) can work
    wonders and change the whole game in you favor.

  2. HEY JACK – any plans for when you hit 20k subs? special video? I’m closing
    in on 4k so 20k is amazing and ofc fully deserved Keep up the amazing

  3. The intro’s volume is too low. I always think it’s my speakers, I up my
    volume, then you come in at too high volume. Now on to the video, which I’m
    sure will be as good as usual :D

  4. Loving the series and how much content is coming out. Honestly the best FM
    youtuber in my opinion

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