24 thoughts on “AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal exclusive training session – Henry, RVP, Oxlade, Sagna and the team

  1. milan non danno lo spirito di gioco che è meglio non fare affidamento su ok EMOTION …

  2. fuck you go suck your own dick retard! go watch a milan vid instead of dislike an arsenal vid, ugly bitch!

  3. oh really? what about the 2004-5 fa cup, what about the 2002-3 fa cup, what about the 2001-2 premier league, what about the 2001-2 fa cup, what about the 2002 community shield and what about the 2004 community shield. You really are retarded arent you?

  4. thats realy sad because this is the only title you can brg about in past 10 years

  5. 8 years ago we won the league unbeaten. Go and check your facts you retard.

  6. you fans been saying same shit for the past 10 years, and yet you didnt win shit for the past 10 years. your club is a failure. period. they aint winning shit in next 10 years too

  7. so close yet so far. THE CL IS OURS NEXT SEASON. With Wilshere coming back, with new players coming in, we’re going to be raping teams like Madrid and Barca 3-0. COME ON YOU GOONERS.

  8. talking about trophies in 1955 says it all really. you don’t hear england still going on about WC victory on home soil anymore, those days are over.

  9. Actually we have won the European Champions Cup in 1955 but they sent our player off for no reason when we there was 80 minutes to go.

  10. actually, if it’s full of passion it’s just a regualr cabinet, not trophy cabinet. I’m sure the stakeholders and fans can sell that passion into success LMFAO

  11. Mark my words RMadridMilan, MARK MY WORDS!!!!!haha. RVP to score 3 and Gervinho scores 1. We can do it!!!

  12. I hope you are all ready for something very special in the second leg. We are going to turn it around to 4 – 4 and win on pens. You read it here first!!!

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