25 thoughts on “Sport – Manchester City Vs Arsenal | 18/12/2011 | My Thoughts And Predictions (1-2)

  1. when money is taken oout of the game arsenal will be kings of the world

  2. Why would we be mad, we lost only 1 – 0 to team in which the front two cost more than the Arsenal team. What does that say about the quality of Arsenal. We have the best striker in the world in RVP who cost 2.75 million whilst balotelli, aguero and dzeko cost more than 100 million between them. Both teams had chances, but Arsenal dominated the second half after city’s goal and could easily have scored 3 goals. 3 words – financial fair play. What are City going to do then?

  3. I say we because I am a supporter. I don’t know how you run things up in Manchester but down here the fans are part of the club… We are the 12th player at AFC.

  4. na not really. we put in a good effort but hey we lost so what can ya do? anyway have fun on thursday nights. pretty exciting in the europa league isn’t it?

  5. the best striker doesn’t mean can make a goal in each game right?hahahaahahahaaha

  6. Not really, we lost 1-0. They deserved to win, both teams played well but city played just that little bit better. With a bit of luck on Arsenal’s part the score could have easily been the opposite of that. It’s disappointing to lose but it’s ok because against the league leaders it was always gonna be hard, especially with our 4 full backs out injured…
    We’ve still got 22 points out of our last potential 27 points, and we’re in a good position in the league too 🙂

  7. brilliant game. Arsenal played great, as well did Man City. Best game yet in the Premiership

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