25 thoughts on “Arsenal 2013/2014 – Hurry Up We’re Dreaming ~ London Is Red

  1. change the title…”can we dream” ?? it just seems like an insult more than
    an inspirational title honestly 

  2. They should play this video in the corridors of the Emirates Stadium and in
    the changing rooms.

    But what stupid Arsenal fans fail to understand is that:
    -We just built a grandiose new stadium and that cost A LOT.
    -While most if not all major clubs being run the same way that made banks
    collapse and create the world financial crisis, Arsenal is being extremely
    responsible. Spending wisely with a VERY HIGH Return on investment.
    As a business model, Arsenal is A++.
    -If you want a team that wins everything, go support Chelsea or Manchester
    City or Paris St Germain.

    All those Arsenal “fans” who don’t understand the essence of the club can
    just fuck off.
    The real fans will stay.

  3. I’m not Arsenal fan but surely Gunners are the best team in London. Every
    season bunch of injuries, selling key players, not buying expensive back
    up. This team just needed one gear to win Premier league. That’s football.
    Make me watch Van Persie’s face watching BPL trophy in Arsenal hands at the
    end of season. I would pay for it. But that’s what traitors get. 1st joy
    and soon regrets. And never accept him back. Where’s now his karma when he
    was putting himself over whole club:’ I feel the best in Mutd’. Good luck
    with it

  4. Lets hope for a exciting rematch at the Allianz Arena in Munich 😉
    But focus on the BPL pls, don’t let that shitty Chelsea get anywhere near
    the trophy. 

  5. been vgoing to see the arsenal since the seventies and i most probably got
    more knowledge about arsenal in my little finger than you have in your
    entire body son

  6. Fantastic movie. Once a gunner always a gunner <3 Marasescu Robert this is
    simply amazing

  7. Goosebumps! Thx you for make me realize that our time to dream of the
    silverware is near… Thank you, COYG!

  8. Focus on Ozil but the succes of Arsenal this year is not because of this

  9. nice work!
    Im BVB fan but the gunners are my fav. outa germany!
    much luck in CL pls fuck buyern!

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