6 thoughts on “Nigeria Football: wud u prefer to play for Arsenal or Nigeria?

  1. Nigeria Football: Would you prefer to play for #Arsenal or #Nigeria??

    … we asked this before our #AFCON2013 success so be prepared!!

    “Arsenal, because I believe there is a lot of money!”

    Watch here: Nigeria Football: wud u prefer to play for Arsenal or Nigeria?

  2. I really pity that last guy who wants to play abroad because the weather is
    cold…please ask those abroad to tell you how bad the winter can be. Even
    if it’s not snowy, I doubt you’ll enjoy football when you’re wearing more
    than 4 shirts I will play for Nigeria because I love Nigeria and because I
    know that’s the place I will be remembered when history counts.Arsenal
    fc,Chelsea fc and others will transfer me and will erase my name someday
    but my country remains mine till I die GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  3. sorry o +olusca2003 .. you are right o… no vex abeg! 😀 … we’ll let
    the team know your gist proposal!

  4. BattaBox…. you have disappointed me with this one…. a lot of these
    people do not understand the question or YOU have posed a rather logically
    improbable question…. Arsenal remains a CLUB SIDE…. Nigeria
    …Country… your question should’ve been local club side or european…
    or Nigeria vs a foreign country…for as it goes… you can and would play
    for BOTH Nigeria and Arsenal…..

  5. I will play for Nigeria, or any Nigerian football club like Eyimba or Warri
    wolves. Arsenal is not a club in my country so I wont play for them.

  6. so – be honest jare! – which football team would you prefer to play for?
    Arsenal or Nigeria?!

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