24 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – 125 years

  1. Robin van Persie and Johan Djourou are in this video, so is Wenger. So what you saying?

  2. I love going back to these old comments to see people like you. Every single time we’re in a dip of form, the same pricks like you say the same shit, and a few months later you have to eat your words. It’s happened for years.

  3. Other than being the 3rd best team in English football history but you know…

  4. One team, one love, one life. Arsenal forerve. Because this team has a heart, because this team has a beautiful game, because this team has a history… i will always be a gunners. Once a gunner always a gunner. Forever forward.

  5. If fabregas and nasri were in arsenal this season and with RVP great form we could win every thing

  6. Oh Nasri, why’d did you have to be prick and leave Arsenal! Glory was coming your way..

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