25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – High and Low.

  1. Hi I’m from Portugal and I love the arsenal since 2004 when I began to see the games it was love at first sight, i can say that now i love arsenal almost as much i love my country club Benfica, i think am a gunner now. this video is amazing, i hope that we have best luck next season.

  2. liverpool fan here, If arsenal had Wilshere and a healthy Varmalalen it would be a wrap

  3. People forget that we have had Jack Wilshere missing for the entire season. That’s like spurs having no Bale. He would of been amazing this season. Oh well

  4. Arsenal till i die mates:D Fantastic club , we are the greatest and luck will come soon , i know that. Never back down on this fantastic club. We love you wenger your the best manager. Every arsenal video what i watch i get goosebumps all over my body:D.

  5. i wont say clichy left for the money. i no its not easy to be objective, but clichy had been a gunner for a long time. fabregas’s move was inevitable. can you actually blame him for leaving? I dont. No arsenal fan should. I blame wenger and the board. Cesc grew up in barcelona, sees his team winning every trophy while arsenal win nothing, cant blame him. And he handled the situation well, unlike nasri, cesc was always comitted.
    as for the video, very impressive. luck will come our way soon…

  6. Fantastic work, watching this was enough to throw a positive boost my way…Cheers to the author…

  7. EPIC.
    love the edit and the song going together,well done bro waiting for other videos

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