25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – 2011/2012 // We Still Do Believe by MrOrbitProductions

  1. Shut up bruv this team will gun all teams and are cool we dont need ur fiction windin us up because were legends and arsenal ar kickin ass

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL dropmania been schooled my opinion is this guy will rock the world and henry will kick balls once again for arsenal

  3. 125 Years, still winning.
    Making Stars Not Buying Them.

  4. It’s great that you support gunners mate. But that’s one of the cheesiest quotes I’ve heard :)

  5. Arsenal is not a football team its an religion, Emirates stadium is our Church and arsene Wenger is the priest

  6. wow nice story bro, gg gf man. ajax still owns Arsenal and united, gf man.

  7. u showed you were champions in the alethico bilbao game mate true champions gotta say what u only struggled on both legs a true disgraceful game for epl …. even the shitty half did better anuva thing u must be a glory hunter ur self…. coz half utd fans are not even in manchester :/

  8. Ok i disliked, not because i am a man u fan but because of the way u stupid lil gooner cunts were acting between 2000-2003 when u had ur lil glory run but couldn’t sustain it.. why u brag so much? Man u are true champions, we win against all odds and are relentless under the best manager in the world, watch a man u complimation and see we are the best in the world. You guys are all quiet now but if arsenal were to start winning u act like cocks and cant justify it. we can.

  9. I agree, I really like Arsenal and hope they will find replacements where players have left,and have strong young players Chamberlain, Miyachi, ect. But I heard they wanted Demba Ba….PLEASE DON’T GO DEMBA BA 🙁

  10. Podolski will hopefully arrive in the summer (I hope Wenger can bring Götze with him too). But I think that we already have our defensive leader, Verminator. I believe that he can be one of the worlds best defenders in a couple of years. Just give him time, I mean he’s already brilliant.

  11. Arsenal is fantastic club. It has great traditions and history. But Gunners should buy couple players like Götze because have to replace players like Nasri and Fabregas. And at the moment Gunners dont’ have playmaker and that’s what they need. They need also someone to lead their defense. Still I don’t want that Arsenal is club who buy all their players like Real Madrid and Man City. I see that Arsenal’s future is brigth because there is promises like Oxlade-Chamberlain!

  12. Nice video mate, really like the song as it has a sense of real passion. Synced really well(:
    Arsenal till I die!

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