25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Comeback 2012 – HD

  1. Szczensy
    Sanga Koscienly Jan Vertonghen Vermaelen
    Song Arteta
    Wilshire Podolski Hazard
    Van Persie

    4-2-3-1 Lets Go

  2. i went to the ac milan game and sang my heart out.. i dont regret a single moment. i love this club.. i always will..

  3. I’m proud to say I’m a Gooner and will support Arsenal and Wenger until the end

  4. ARSENAL i love you !
    im portuguese and SL Benfica fan, but i watched only games of Arsenal !
    Hugs my friends gunners!
    GO Arsenal, GO !
    Arsenal is my 2nd team!

  5. Norwwich have been a good side from the championship, in fact thev’e been the best team from the championship, besides Arsenal are 3rd and playing well this was a minor slip up, but even so we were 2-1 down and we came back to draw, and at least we’ll be in europe next season (Europa league Or Champions League) And also the top scorer in the prem is ARSENALS Robin Van Persie, Eat That!!!

  6. Arsenal that cant even beat norwich at home hahahahahaha what a joke team they are

  7. Arsenal……Arsenal they say their the greatest team the world has ever seen!

  8. One of the best Arsenal Vids out there bro. Well in!
    Arsenal till i die!

    In Arsene We Trust!
    2012-2013 = Arsenal Champions! It will happen!

  9. @footballvsvidsHD Hey your video was absolutely brilliant! But please can you tell us the thame of the music in this video, do many people are asking

  10. Can somebody or the youtubers just answer the simple question, what is the name of the music in this video?



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