25 thoughts on “Arsenal Football Clubs Robin Van Persie Interview

  1. How is he a traitor ?? He was at Arsenal from the ’04/05 season up until
    the ’11/12 season. In 194 appearances he racked up 96 goals in all
    competitions. With Arsenal he won only 1 FA Cup and 1 FA Community Shield.
    That was in his first season. After that he won nothing for 7 years ? He
    left because his side failed to win anything and he is reaching the avg
    retirement age. His 1st season with Man Utd. He made 38 appearances an
    tallies 26 goals, also won the BPL which Arsenal has failed to do.

  2. The dutch speak good english , most of the country does infact most of the
    people there are atleast bilingual , so i dont know why some guys here are
    surprised by robins good english

  3. noooo noooo !!! is he married??? damn :D))) i thought he was free… I DO

  4. It’s weird, he’s dutch but doesn’t have a dutch accent. I don’t know where
    his accent is from but it’s not. I’m dutch too and all other dutch accents
    sound so different.

  5. i bet i could beat him. jk. i just got a table tennis table a few weeks
    ago. but i play every day against friends and my brother so im getting
    better. but like rvp i prefer football.

  6. Anyone can tell me what’s the name of the track/artist in the beginning. a
    nice one to add in the library.

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