13 thoughts on “Arsenal – rainbow laces campaign

  1. “I cant change that I like sucking hot jizz out of Elton Johns arse whilst
    masturbating furiously”

    Seriously though, homophobia should have gone the way of the Dodo. I
    suspect it would have if not for the attempts of the three Abrahamic
    faiths. I will hate gay people that day one of them knocks on my fucking
    door and pesters me to convert to sucking cocks like those assholes do! 

  2. Good jobs guys!
    Y no Poldi?
    Santi played it to perfection…i almost feel sorry for him! 

  3. sorry, but football will always be filled with racist, homophobic thugs.
    its not even like its a minority, look at the world cup they brought glen
    hoddle back on the scene. roy keane is always on tv, robbie savage. thats 3
    off the top of my head that are just disgusting human beings.

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