Arsene Wenger remains as one of the most experienced managers

Arsene Wenger remains as one of the most experienced managers in the game after the recent retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. He has been at Arsenal for almost two decades and has witnessed several bad times during this period. However, he has revealed that he still feels extremely depressed for days when Arsenal lose a game. In recent months, however, Wenger will have reasons to be happy about the club, as they have gone on a wonderful run of form that may see them win the title under the right circumstances. Arsenal may still be seven points behind Chelsea, but there is a small glimmer of hope with eight matches remaining.

Wenger has consistently maintained that a top four finish was his priority for the last few weeks. It may not have changed much going into the match against Liverpool on Sunday. A victory for the gunners will see them have won eight consecutive matches in the league. This helps them overcome the disappointment of having been knocked out by Wenger’s former club Monaco in the Champions League. After having won the FA Cup last season, the Frenchman will certainly feel less pressure on him than before. Yet, the disappointment of losing a match does not appear to go away.

“I never go out after we lose, I just sit at home miserably and think about why we lost. I’ve had periods where I’ve stayed at home for two or three days. If we have not got a game for a while, and we have lost, there are times when I have not gone out for days.It really hurts. If it does not, you will never survive in the game.People who live around you suffer with you, so the only thing I can do is try to get out of other people’s way,” said Wenger.