Arsenal reached 6th Round of FA Cup

Arsenal has reached the 6th round of the FA Cup and they will be playing against Manchester United on March 7. Even though Arsene Wenger and his men have reached this point of the FA Cup, the Frenchman has announced that reaching a spot in the top 4 positions of the Premier League is his main objective in this season.

“Our basic is always to finish in the top four and then win a trophy on top of that. We want always to be in the Champions League and this season it will be very tight if you look at the table. Every game now becomes a cup game.”Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has a love-hate relationship with Arsenal fans as some of the supporters of the club want to see him step down as the manager of the team after not being able to accomplish anything really significant with Arsenal in over 5 years and they just can’t stand seeing Arsenal only being able to get into the top 4 but not making a true and genuine charge for the Premier League title.

However, there are good news for those fans of Arsenal that have lost their confidence towards Arsene Wenger as Thierry Henry has now been offered with the chance to start his coaching career at Arsenal. Henry retired from playing professional competitive football a few weeks ago but he revealed his intention of returning to Arsenal and turn into the coach which might be happening soon enough as he was given the chance to be in charge of Arsenal’s youth academy and if everything goes well for him, the possibility of him turning into the coach of Arsenal is a real one.