25 thoughts on “Since Arsenal last won a trophy… | Arsenal v Hull City 2014 FA Cup Final

  1. It’s been a long time since Arsenal last won a trophy – can they finally
    end their wait for silverware on Saturday against Hull in the FA Cup final?

  2. FINALLY! The trophy drought is over. It’s been 9 years and a lot has
    changed in the world of football – but Arsenal ARE the 2014 FA Cup Winners.
    Congratulations to the Gunners and to Arsene Wenger!

  3. This video makes it seem so far away! Damn you FD ;). This video is so
    depressing! ;).

    Cue comments from fans from other clubs who can’t take a bit of banter.
    Comments may include ‘ur shit arsenal is shit chelc 4 life come bk wen u gt
    championz league fam’

    Thanks :).

  4. I think they rather not win because they might get lost when they clean all
    dust in the cabinet room :D

  5. 3251 days later the anti-semetics will finally win a trophy…their first
    ever one since they moved to the emirates….

  6. I have no favorites in the BPL bit I want yo say this…
    10 years from now:
    Since Arsenal last won a title Mesut Ozil won the World Cup with Germany,
    joined 3 different clubs, played 703 matches, scored 396 goals and became
    assistant manager of Bayern Munich.. ;)

  7. I’m an arsenal fan and football isn’t just winning.and I am proud if my
    team even if they got relegated

  8. what was the point of this video just to humiliate arsenal and use facts
    and statistics to make us look like a shitty club well no because we are
    one of the best and one the most famous clubs in the world and statistics
    can’t change dat so suck a dick

  9. 0:39 Liverpool’s Champion League trophy was won the same year Arsenal won
    the FA Cup so that shouldn’t count!

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