25 thoughts on “Arsenal Target Yann M’Vila 2012 HD

  1. I was so critical of Arteta earlier in the season and I thought he brought absolutely nothing to the team but then I came to my senses. And you are completely right, without him it may have been shambles, hes no Cesc but hes become crucial in the Gunner midfield. With MVila slotting in at defensive mid, Song will push up a notch next to Arteta and will be able to showcase his excellent offensive/assisting skills. Hes become even more important. Its all promising for next season.

  2. @zebbedi U mad?, Arteta has been our best player this season along with RVP and Koscielny. He practically has the ability to do anything Song, Wilshere and Diaby can do aswell as playing Fabregas-Esque balls and popping up with a late screamer occasionally. Single-Handely kept our midfield ticking this season.

  3. Arteta is the person who calms down the game. He can defend and attack, the fact is without him the season would’ve been a disaster. He is experienced, thumb up if u agree.

  4. That says all you need to know about our season. The very fact that we had to panic buy Arteta and them play him in so many games is the reason this was a disaster of a season for us.

    Next season Arteta will barely feature, I can’t wait.

    Bring on next year!!

  5. and btw…if you talk like that…unfortunately none of our players are trophy winners so you cant say that

  6. I can say he is not a trophy winner because he has won no trophies. I’ve explained that injuries have caused the problem. Arteta wouldn’t start if Wilshere and Diaby were fit. It’s also logical to point out that we have lost a record amount of games this season when Arteta has started.

  7. hardly been the best.. seen how many goals we have conceded, theyve done ok together.. we need cover for left back too. id like leyton baines,

  8. M’Vila brought to be our next arteta when arteta gets older.. and arteta is our best signing this season don’t moan or complain without him we don’t win he knows how to run our game

  9. shut up !
    Vermaelen and Koscielny Best EPL Duo and vermaelen might leave if we use him at lb because he don’t like playing at that position

  10. Wilshere used to play LCM starting attacks and he is something like LDM/LCDM who participates in counter attacks

  11. i’m from Rennes and i can tell you that he’s a great player who works in the shadow for all the team. amazing passing abilities. never injuried.

  12. M’ Vila, Song, Wilshere; 3 technically skilled, strong beast with great passing abilities sounds promising

  13. whilshere used to play RDM with along side song, he can also play RM and CAM

  14. how can you say arteta is not a trophy winner? arsenal haven’t won a game this season without him in the lineup. He doesn’t play, we lose.

  15. him tv5, and vertonghen would be solid at the back! looks like the spuds have poached vertonghen tho.. fuck know’s why he would prefer to go to them than us?!! still feel we need a couple more in defense.. van der wiel (rb) sagna is great but second broken leg in 2012 alone! all about strength in depth. need to lose djuorou n squidlacci if we are serious about winning stuff

  16. he’s gunna be 1 of the best, already up there and he’s only 21. just hope we get him!

  17. You are right he does hold that record but guess which one of our players held that record before him?….

    You guessed it… Denilson!

    He definitely brought some maturity and experience. Like I said Arteta is good enough for the EPL but he is not a trophy winner. I rate Diaby, Wilshere and Song above him.

  18. Song and M’Villa CDM and wilshere CAM,RVP striker, premier league here we come

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