25 thoughts on “Football Focus With Mario Balotelli

  1. he scores goals every other game for man city and he’s 21, shut up mate.

  2. Overrated footballer. ‘Potential’ is all we hear, but Ryan Babel had loads of potential too and he’s not done loads.

  3. that actually made me chuckle. Sturridge is nowhere near. Balotelli is a world class player and Sturridge is ‘good’ at best. and i’m a man utd fan

  4. Well I guess Balotelli doesn’t like Arsenal cuz there were two nasty tackles

  5. Does Noel still think Mario is the greatest human being on the planet. After helping his team go 8 points behind Man Utd.Overrated,shit and one of the biggest twats ever comes to mind.Fuck off Mario you pointless child with a tiny brain and for people who think he`s a legend 2 words thick cunts.Messi is a great player and a legend and doesn’t have to act like a twat.Even Mario`s team mates have started to hate him.

  6. Not sure Gallagher could get his tongue any further up Balotellis arse if he tried .

  7. neymar is shit he can play for whoever he likes, ladotelli is more prolific being a penis than neymar ever could be. I hope Neymar signs for someone european so we can see his vast overratedness and so he’s not wildly overrated on fifa (like many players are in the brazilian league)

  8. hold your words mate balo is a good footballer but will never acheive what he can until he loses some of the bad qualities that he has, and for the neymar bit, neymar is only 18-19 balo is 21 plus we have to wait and see when neymar goes to barca and shows us his qualities ehhh

  9. @JMcKaySV neymar, as in the guy who plays in the fucking brazilian league! hahahahahahaha deluded, Balo is so much bigger and better than him its untrue. Balotelli is already a great player just needs consistency.

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