22 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Norwich 3-3

  1. wow u must be kidding me.. he doesnt score in 3 games and people start calling him inconsistant

  2. Arsenal
    Norwich City
    23(11) Shots (on Goal) 13(4)
    9 Fouls 15
    6 Corner Kicks 1
    1 Offsides 6
    63% Time of Possession 37%
    2 Yellow Cards 3
    0 Red Cards  0
    1 Saves 8

    0:20 “for the majority of that match Norwich were the far better team”??

  3. RVP did not deserve player of the year, to inconsistent he had two periods with little goals. For me Yaya Toure and Kompany deserves it.

  4. I get what you mean, but i think wenger is buying different kind of players this summer

  5. I truly believe it doesn’t matter who we get, The culture needs to change. We’ve had different players over the past few yrs, the same things are happening. We’ve seen these kind of games so many times. The only common denominator is Arsene

  6. I do not understand what the other people mean with telling you about Sagna and Arteta lol. Thanks for your team of the Year.

  7. I SAID team of the year, i am fully aware that arteta and sanga are injured but that doesnt matter because i am talking about the team of the year

  8. yes…. but why does that bare any relation to what i just said…im talking about our team of the year.

  9. Its clear just by watching the France v England match that M’Villa would do very very well in the Premier league. He is just as good, if not better, than the likes of Parker..etc and all the other English midfielders who are regualrs in the premier league.

  10. rumours of M’Villa everywhere!..what do you think?..good signing?..could Arsenal mount a title shot with M’Villa, Wilshere back and Podolski?.Will M’Villa help with our poor defensive record?

    personally I think M’Villa would be a bargain signing..he is young, is an Arsenal fan, would be value for money due to his age, he keeps posession very very well and would fit into Arsenals passing/posession style.

  11. One, it has not be confirmed that it is leaving, and two i know somebody who knows him and he hates all the lame light so even if he is leaving I doubt very much he would want anything

  12. OMG ramsay is fucking talanted, look , he can make a creat pass , but he thinks he is zidane and ronaldinho and messi so he startsshooting from midway thats hes problem! hes passing is AMAZING! he just has bad confidence , maybe a loan deal for him to a team like fullham or everton would do the trick?

  13. I dont understand why they did not do anything for pat rices last home game. 40+ years to the club and he gets nothing?

  14. I am a Norwich fan but out of the top teams I like Arsenal the most and hope they get champions league football next year..

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