25 thoughts on “Fifa 12 Wii: Arsenal v Manchester United!

  1. The FIFA on Wii is very bad!!. Buy the FIFA for PC, it’s very funny and the best version of soccer games.

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  3. i was wondering what you used to record the video. please respond thanks.

  4. graphics could have been drwan by a baby! Y domt you get a decent console. You obviously have enough £££ for a wii

  5. can u play this online??? waiting for the ps4 to be released so the wii will have to do for now :(

  6. I have it and it does suck but I also have pro eveloution soccer 2012 and when I play it with my classic controller (like ps3 controller for wii) it’s just like playing on my ps3. The pes 2012 graphics for wii and much more realistic then fifa

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