23 thoughts on “Derby day. Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham. 26.02.2012.

  1. I tear up every single time I watch this and she dares ask me why I love football so much

  2. Love the reaction to Sagna’s goal by the guy just to the left of the centre of the picture.

  3. I am writing this comment at the time of Arsenal beating Wolves. This is brilliant. I am not even an Arsenal fan but it made me laugh when all the Tottenham fans were saying: “Mind the Gap” – They’ve never, ever had the right to be cocky in their history, let alone towards Arsenal. I like Redknapp, and now some fans want him out hahahaha!

    Chelsea and Newcastle for UCL. Go away Tottenham and your shit support. It will always be Arsenal, the best team in London as a whole.

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