25 thoughts on “FA Cup 3rd Round – Arsenal 1-0 Leeds – Thierry Henry Post Match Interview

  1. One of the worst crimes of soccer history was not giving this man the Ballon D’or – at least once! This coming from a Barca fan that loves Henry.

  2. Legend, but hopefully nico yennaris will be one of the future leaders of the team!! Bravo Nico!!

  3. All these sulking players in the premier league want to watch this and take notes from it because am a Liverpool fan and shankly told the players u play for the fans they pay your wages well done Henry true legend to the arsenal and the premiership .

  4. no one can say anything.. what other club has brought back a legend and on his debut has scored the winner???? MAGICAL!!!

  5. Lawl Lawl Lawl Lawl Lawl Lawl i have the same name as him lol

    Im better 😐

  6. “two weeks ago i was on holiday in mexico, on the beach” sounds like bitch but yeah thats what he said xD

  7. I’m a Newcastle fan, but I’ve always admired Henry and this interview just shows why as he’s such a genuine footballer/guy and always likes to pass the credit to other people.
    Glad to see him back

  8. “I’m not here to be a hero, i’m just here to be another player” he is exactly what we need right now.. a bit of positivity and a future.

  9. I’m not an Arsenal fan but it’s great to see Henry back in the Premiership. And that goal was a great moment in Football.

  10. i agree as an arsenal fan. Shitmack and park can fuck off. Take Theo while youre at it.

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