10 thoughts on “FIFA 12 with Friends – Chelsea vs Arsenal

  1. If you check out one of my Photoshop Basics videos you can see to the right of the description a blue box which you can click and then all the episodes are there or you could click the title and it’d take you to the same place. At the top of YouTube next to browse is a section called TV Shows, It’s also listed under there :). Once approved you can subscribe to the FIFA show and get emails when new vids are uploaded :)!

  2. I may do 🙂 I’ve just created a FIFA 12 show so hopefully that should be approved soon :)!

  3. You should get it and do a unique Ultimate Team series. If it’s different to other series you’re bound to get a lot of views…

  4. After playing for a few hours I really got into the game so I think we probably will make a series :).

  5. I don’t actually have the game but hopefully Ben can bring it round or I may buy it :)!

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