25 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli tackle on Alex Song [Arsenal – Manchester City]

  1. I can’t understand how this didn’t even get a yellow but John Terry got a red for ‘violent conduct’ on Sanchez. That’s twisted…

  2. The term soccer originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as an Oxford “-er” abbreviation of the word “association”. If you want to be particular.

  3. and since it wasn’t off-the-ball he was not retroactively punished either

  4. he got no yellow for that, but got his second yellow 70 minutes later

  5. Nope… he didn’t even get a yellow card for that…. (he was later sent off just before the end of the game for more 2 yellow cards)

  6. Martin Atkinson is the most useless referee in the Premier League. If Song hadn’t pulled his leg up Balotelli would have snapped his leg in half. Potentially career ending “tackle” and I don’t think he was even yellow carded. Utter disgrace.

  7. Mario Balotelli is a good player but his behaviour has gone bad i don’t know whats up with him but if i was mancini I would send him back to Italy not have him again

  8. i need to know the name of the referee of the match, he does not deserve to have the whistle……….. the fun is that officials pretended nothing happened

  9. Whew..much worse than I imagined it to be…Some guys get broken legs from such tackles..

  10. Song is so lucky to be leaning on his left leg here. That fool almost ended his football career. A disgrace to football, worthless player.

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