25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012: An Idiot Abroad: S2Ep5- Easter Special! (December & January)

  1. Aw bad times — I followed on Twitter, follow back :-)? @daveazzopardi

  2. Thanks and i am using the latest patch. Your fm should automatically update so there is no unfortunately.

  3. Great video. Atmoscube22 – What update are you using on this Valencia series? and if so do you have a link to that update that you could post on here for me? Appreciate the help and the series is going well.

  4. Amar I was just wondering what nations do you select at the start of a save?

  5. You’re good. I will now play with A.Madrid and i think Valencia and A.Madrid are good teams. 😀

  6. Holy shit barca are unbeaten in your league ATM lol and great vid as always also I’ll follow u on twitter now 🙂

  7. Quality vid, unbeaten streak is DENCH!

    One question, how do you get the ability and potential star ratings on your squad screen?

  8. Wow, amazing run of form. Good luck against real madrid in the last game of the month!!!!

  9. Great video man, what an epic run of form that is! Superb. I really like your front line, really interesting combination of players. Sexual. Keep it up.

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