24 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012: An Idiot Abroad: S2Ep8- April

  1. i’m trying to get a job with Valencia/International team, thing is i have done interantions in th apst and never enjoyed them

  2. Not lying mate, i could still post the link to the one i used but it doesn’t work

  3. I don’t know how to get the proper names on it. I’ve found a link to how to do it but when i did it it never worked so i wasn’t lying.

  4. Hi Amar, Its Ben
    Why are you lieing to Gunnawin1998 you have told me before so stop being lazy and help him!

  5. After this season are you sticking with Valencia or going another club?

  6. if you get through to the champions league final, live com that aswell, it’ll be a brilliant game

  7. Could you put a link for how you get proper names like champions league and not champions cup

  8. But just a bit of advice we could see the Chelsea logo knock it forward so we can’t tell wether you go through champions league or not

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