24 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – My Wolves Will Stay Up – Cup game!

  1. your a legend !!! keep them coming, one question how do you video your matches ????

  2. you going on facejacker anytime soon antoholland? absolutely absolutely vabsolutely

  3. Constantly check the players condition before an after the game! If it’s low don’t play them because they’re more likely to get injured

  4. Try starting some youngsters in a match like this. Less risk of your main players getting injured and your young players get some good experience.

  5. Good live commentary, the only other guy who does this is MediaMachinima and all he does is moan and shout for the whole fucking match

  6. Sounds retarded but how do ya get sum1 back from loan i tried to get taiwo back from qpr as ac but couldnt

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