25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – S01E04 | Arsenal Story | Gameplay | Commentary | HD

  1. i think it would have been better to sign leverkusen’s Schurrle. Better goalscoring abilities

  2. how come all of your players and managers have photos..? Like none of mine do.

  3. i liked the video and i dont mean that i liked the way it end. but, i want you to keep moving =)

  4. Please can you manage Napoli as i loved ur 2011 one and really helped me!!

  5. The most moving FM story I’ve seen.
    Best of luck in the future.
    Forza Napoli…

  6. I really like your videos mate! I am want to buy the game and Arsenal is one of my favourite teams, so i find your videos very interesting. Please continue the series, i think none of us who follow your videos, care if you are doing well or bad. We just like a FM!

  7. Yeah, it’s best to Manage an EPL team only once your ‘Prestige’ is very high, because it’s just so hard to win. I like to start in the top divisions of France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, or other, more ‘open’ Leagues.

  8. Try managing wigan, which is now facing relegation in EPL! perhaps, one year, you might take them to ECC!

  9. Acf Fiorentina or or a team from France, Germany-TSG 1899 Hoffenheim or Portugal

  10. I think a save in Germany would be interesting. Lots of great talent there now, and the league is pretty even. Could be fun to see what you can do with a mid-table team for example.

  11. You are a terrible manager mate, Spurs finished above you!!! Hahah just kidding you should continue with a different team on the same save.

  12. Can you start 1 whit Juventus? I want to se how you do whit them.

    Like if you agree.

  13. I think u should try PSG, lot of nice players, like Nene, Sakho!, Gameiro, Pastore!

  14. I agree with many here who want you to go for a promotion challenge. I’d say, “Forget your bruises and go on!”.

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