25 thoughts on “Arsenal insider Johan Djourou with Thierry Henry and Robert Pires.

  1. LMAO!! Henry is hilarious..1:44…”I was upset because I knew i was going to see you (Djourou) in the dressing room”…epic

  2. yeah ok no probs but till then can he play for Arsenal Reserves plz ?

  3. He was our best defender last season after Vermaelen got injured, but has played diabolically this season. I think as 4th choice he’s great, one day he might even make it abck to the 1st team.

  4. me too vertonghen is class mate. but i dont think djourou is going to be sold beacuse he recently sighned a contract i thinks its squalci thats getting sold

  5. Djourou’s not really the best defender… but he’s always welcome to be one of Arsenal’s insiders haha

  6. Johan( i think) is over 6’2″ which makes Thierry a big guy,, back in the day defenders must have been terrified at a guy with his talent and size and Usain Bolts speed running at them……

  7. did djourou and henry intentionally stand next to each other to say what year it is with their shirt numbers?

  8. henry sucks? are you kidding me? he scored 226 goals and made 92 assists for arsenal. you know nothing about football

  9. i hope,please god,that djourou is sold this coming season.you donkey.

  10. I really like Djourou because of his great character -> very open minded guy
    but he does not play that good for a top team -> nearly no development

    and henry-> he is a motherf*cking GOD, as player and as human

  11. Love Henry,Pires & Sagna but just hate Djourou no matter what : wish we can get Vertonghen instead of him this summer.

  12. Henry and Pires, the reason why I switched team from United to Arsenal when i was 8 years old 😀

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