25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – S06E01 | Sunderland Story | Gameplay | Commentary

  1. 16 year old with 207cm wow , like a center in basketball
    ps how come you get so many job offers?

  2. yay! finally you’re back! ive been checking youre channel constantly to if you uploaded

  3. Wooot! A favourite story back in action. Glad to see.

    I know the feeling of a last minute loss, quite heartbreaking. Look in the bright side, you were thereabouts against ManU, that means the team is up to be competitive in the league. You should be going up rapidly.

    You know what sucks similarly?. Wanting the win vs a team in the league and lose with all your men available, then defeat them in a cup you care not for with your youths. Aaaarrggggg!

  4. I saw that you bought Jay Rodriguez as a striker. So did i to my Sunderland-campain. How does that works out for you? For me he´s shite! Dissapointing though i wanted to sign him for four seasons prior.

  5. Just an idea, maybe start a new save? Only if you want to, i know i would enjoy it more if you would start a new save

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