The Premier league club Arsenal have signed a new deal with the airline major Emirates airline for the shirt and stadium sponsorship. This new deal will now see Arsenal earn £ 150 million from the two sponsorship deals. Emirates will now be paying Arsenal a whopping £ 30 million per season for the shirt sponsorship, while the remaining sum goes to the stadium sponsorship. The sponsorship deals with Emirates was one of the key factors behind Arsenal moving to the new Emirates stadium, which has been so successful in terms of generating revenue for the club.

The additional capacity from the stadium has allowed Arsenal to rise up to the fifth position in the overall rich table of football clubs. The club also incurred a lot of debts as a result of moving to this new stadium. However, they are extremely close to paying off the debts, which will leave them extremely secure financially according to the Chief Executive of the club. This would mean that most of the funds from the sponsorship will be available for spending on new players both in terms of the transfer fees and wages. Arsenal have always been criticised for not spending a lot of money to keep up with the top clubs.

“This agreement is a testimony to Arsenal’s approach and to the capabilities we have developed in recent years as well as the strength of our partnership with Emirates. What we can do is develop a really solid financial platform for the club that gives us the ability to compete for top players that we want to bring in and also top players that we want to keep. I think we will be able to be more financially competitive,” said the chief executive of the club, Gazidis after announcing the deal with Emirates.