25 thoughts on “Gary Lineker Does Funny Impression Of Arsene Wenger – Arsenal – Best Quality HD

  1. How can a man who shit himself in the middle of a game mock anyone? I mean it’s the easiest come back in the world.

    “Hey Arsene…”
    “Gary, I can hear your diaper underneath your pants.”
    “Gary, I’d stand up for myself but I’m afraid you’d shit yourself in fear.”
    “Gary, you smell like shit…again.”

  2. Cos of messing up on transfers and dragging us into the trophy drought, Spurs fans should consider him as a legend!

  3. some serious heated shit on here. tbh he was going for a cheap laugh and it worked and I’m an arsenal fan and if linkers impression bothers you that much, how have you managed to coped with the banter over our 6 years without a trophy

  4. Not funny,not clever,unproffesional and a slimeball…all mr linekar

  5. Gary Liniker?
    He’s got the morals of a skunk, so it’s quite fitting that he’s aligned himself with the Stoke-on- Enema brigade

  6. Yes, we’re going to win fuck all and Stoke are going to do a clean sweep of everything before them.

    Its “you’re” by the way.

  7. he didnt score tho did he you cock head cunt your going win fuck all RVP will fuck off and you will be begging that old cunt henry to come back

  8. Ramsey’s leg? Its fine you six fingered prick, I’d have thought you’d have noticed with your 3 eyes as he ran rings around your cloggers yesterday

  9. one thing i was fed by a bottle and 2nd you fucking cockney cunts are always moaning oh and ask ramsey how is his leg you old mug

  10. An absolutely amazing imitation of one of footballs biggest whinging c*nts! Well done, Gary, you beauty! 😀

  11. “lad?”

    I’ve been going to football when you were still sucking on your mums titts you prick

    everything is spelt right, illiterate mug

  12. YEAHHHH YEAHHH lets all do the Wenger….. and go through a whole season unbeaten :L haha WENGER = Arsenal + Spurs Legend <3

  13. YEAHHHH YEAHHH lets all do the Wenger….. and go through a whole season unbeaten :L WENGER = Arsenal + Spurs Legend <3

  14. LOL im an arsenal fan and i found this hillarious. not offended at all

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