21 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012: An Idiot Abroad: S2Ep9- May

  1. Hey bro could´╗┐ u plzz let me no this
    Right I put a bid in for a player and I will be giving the team 500k ever 10 games I used that clause thing now is it just 10 games and that’s it it stops or does it carry on and on plzz let me no

  2. haha , its for my facebook´╗┐ group ­čśŤ , trying to get into this myself , but find it hard to know who to sign ­čśÇ

  3. Was sort of gonna do this like Jose mourinho but try and go to clubs with a less of a reputation when´╗┐ i leave

  4. Lets get this straight. You have your right to your opinion, But if i had cheated then i would be ashamed to put this onto Youtube and it would be false and deceiving. I have no qualms about putting this up because i am happy with what i have accomplished with this save. I have done this genuinely. Whether you believe me or´╗┐ not is your decision.

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