25 thoughts on “Indesit Football Talents – Arsenal FC

  1. how said DJOUROU IS A FOOTBALL TALENT???? he is beyond useless…anytime i see him in an arsenal shirt i get p*ssed ….We were eager to get rid of ARSHAVIN…. but guys like DJOUROU, JENKINSON, SQUILLACI, CHARMAK still get paid for doing nothing….aaaargh

  2. if you think you had ever heard that song where the guy has a balloon stuck on his then its from VSAUCE 🙂

  3. Are you stupid his touch is beautiful! you sure you watch football mate? watch match of the day and take a look at his goal you daft twat.

  4. Is there a way to get the lyrics for that song?Send here or let me know the link to get them. I have searched everywhere.

  5. that’s why he plays premier league and you probably sit on your fat arse and do nothing. walcott is amazing he just suffering confidence problems at the moment.

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