23 thoughts on “Kagawa to Man Utd, Arsenal want Martinez, Hoilett to Spurs?

  1. United wanting Kagawa bit seems to make sense, but it’s clear as mud whether Kagawa would pick United. It just seems to me that he himself is unsure of what he wants to do. 1st attempt by Dortmund to extend his contract failed, which lead to all sorts of rumours, but that doesn’t really say much as he’s asked for more time to consider his options. I’d say there’s still quite some chance that he’d stay at Dortmund.

  2. I’m gooner fan we need 2 sign M’villa coz he is defensive mid he is quick he is like viera but better like if song gets injured then M’villa comes in and then Leighton baines for 10 million and vertonghan doesn’t look like he isn’t coming might be going 2 scum tottenham but I hope we get him 7 million so vertonghan M’villa baines and world class playmaker someone like scholes that can deliver and cross the ball and be player like Fabregas not Martinez he is crap so get someone like him

  3. United have signed kagawa for 7m it will be announced at the end of the season 🙂

  4. The 8-2 happened when the club was in shambles and we had to play some 18 year olds at old trafford. anyone in the league could have beat us that day. the 2-1 was a boring game, man u played better the match wasn’t that bad for us. with bosscielny verminator santos and sagna, we have only lost 2 games this season. our strike is better because rvp form. last season we started good and ended bad, this season we started so bad that people think we have been shit all season.

  5. No Way.

    This season we played Arsenal twice. For the first time in as long as I can remember we played man for man, outplayed Arsenal and deservedly won both games. The day of us acknowledging Arsenal are a better football team especially with Cesc in the middle, playing deep and hitting on the counter although we did still win using them tactics.

  6. Not really, we lost 2 great midfielder’s. but overall, we have a stronger defense and strike force. so this season’s team on paper isn’t as strong but in terms of performances it is.

  7. I’m not sure about that Arsenal bought Mertesacker, Arteta, Park and Santos in the final days of the season.

    The quality in the league is not as good.

    Its common sense Arsenal with Fabregas and Nasri are a better team with those players and they signed players vastly inferior to them to replace them.

  8. arsenal spent the majority of their money before the sales. and if we’re so bad compared to last season, why is it we have 66 points after 36 games, but the whole of last season we had 68?

  9. That was after Arsenal sold Fabregas for 29m, Nasri for 25m and Clichy for 7m. So in reality Arsenal gained money. That’s why Arsenal are a worse team than last season.

  10. same story every season…i’ll believe it wen i see it…i bet robin leaves this summer.. oh how low arsenal have sunk this season…..arsenal has not had a consistent starting 11 for the past 5 years, and there is nothing to suggest it’ll be different next season…I have surely learned.

  11. They have 60m every season. It never happens. One would think Arsenal fans would learn.

  12. hes a defensive mid. and this season he has played a lot at centre back. he will cost £25m. arsenal have around 60m to spend.

  13. Martinez is a central midfielder by trade and is too expensive for Arsenal. I really rate him but the money they are asking for is ridiculous.

  14. martinez is a great defender with flair. arsenal play with flair, he would fit in perfectly.

  15. i really really like Hoilett hope he doesn’t go to one of the big clubs and sits on the bench.

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