25 thoughts on “Arsenal Home Kit 2012/13 – Target Practice – OFFICIAL VIDEO

  1. Song is Local Boy by The Rifles

    Such an underrated band. I like Drum N Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Reggae, ect so would never normally listen to their music but The Rifles are massive. Respect

  2. well considering I’ve been to 70% of the games this year, id say I’ve seen enough of him. We scored 3 goals and created a host of chances against a well organised team, so i dunno about going forward was the problem, just an awful defensive display unfortunately. Now lets watch podolski show some real talent in front of goal 😀

  3. Im a city fan and think this kit is lush sooo much better than are one sucks donkey dick

  4. class vido but i think they had to make it to distract from the fact that the arsenal kit is exactily the same really arpart from the reef round the arsenal badge

  5. So this is the reason behind Arsenal’s downfall, they target practice exactly at center of the post, in other word; where the goal keeper stands strong 😀

  6. A wet dream? Wenger would love Szczesny to hit his spot that hard – no doubt. Arsene Wenger – never a more suspicious man in football!?? Wenger, leave those K!*5 alone……….

  7. FFS we need a decent home kit for 1nce.. its almost the same every time

  8. And who was the star when Henry left? When Pires left? When Ljungberg left? When Bergkamp ended his career? When Fabregas paid Arsenal to join Barcelona? I’m not saying Van Persie is leaving – he’s my favourite player from a long time, so I hope he’s not, but even if he decides to abandon Arsenal – there ARE other players. I’ll focus on Wilshere, can’t wait to see him in 2012/13.

  9. i know, but the attention he gets is a little too much.. if he’s leaving Arsenal, who would be the star then?

  10. Looking forward to seeing podolski and whoever else we’re buying.

  11. What a great team, True Spirit and play good football and all have passion for football and play as a team, what more could you ask for?

    Long Live Arsenal <3

  12. Please check out my predictions for this weekends exciting finale to the premier league season on my channel. What do you think? Thanks.

  13. Vermaelen is amazing, our best centre back with Koscielny. Sagna is good and so is Song but Gibbs is the one who messed up

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