25 thoughts on “NEW OFFICIAL Arsenal kit 2012-13 20 NEW PICTURES

  1. i can’t work out are the sleeves/collar black or blue? they are black on the video and pictures but the one on pre-order sale of the website had blue sleeves/collar ???

  2. i knew it lool first thing i thought when i saw that kit….the dutch flag so they did do for RVP he cant leave now…>manchester united fan by the way.

  3. is it me or that look’s like the dutch flag with red/white/blue lol look at the arms maybe this kit for RVP lol

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  5. Apparently the end bit on the arm is meant to be a holland flag to keep RVP tell me what you think

  6. They even chanced the kit in red-white-blue to let van Persie stay with us. 😀

  7. no not yeat ive found some leaked ones but dont know if there real as soon as arsena; annonce the away kit a new video will be up

  8. quite goood cant wait to see podolski wearing it, any news on the away kit?

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