25 thoughts on “Robin van Persie reveals details of his meeting with Arsene Wenger

  1. I doubt it. It’s only people that know fuck-all about Arsenal that think RVP is vital. He has had one good season, the rest were ‘meh’. That isn’t a vital player IMO…

  2. OMFG are you serious? or are you just retarded? i said AND without rvp. the point is van persie is far more vital than song….even the vast vast vast majority of arsenal fans agree to this

  3. Yes, it’s the same, but you said that without Song we would of bought another CM, as if without RVP we wouldn’t have bought another ST?

  4. Wtf?!?!? your point is invalid, you said song was more vital because he set up all your goals. I said van persie was more vital because he scored all your goals. You said if rvp left you would buy another striker, i said if song left you would buy another midfielder……….is exactly the same thing you fucking idiot

  5. I know your spoiled by English prices when it comes to players, 6 Million is a decent amount of money, However my point was he wasn’t unknown, He was one of the hot prospects in Europe for years. He is also an international player, You would call that unknown?

  6. And without RVP we would have bought another Striker. Your point is invalid.

  7. tremendously high…yeah they were known but yaya was a bench player and Silva was toiling away at Valencia in the shadows of the Spanish giants…couldn’t buy an app at the 2010 world cup after the Switzerland defeat

  8. he wasn’t even a centre back for his entire career, I’m sure a lot of scouts spotted his skill but he was in no means an established player…or else we wouldn’t have pried him from Hamburg for 6 million..

  9. well, in my mind a club is more than just the last few seasons. arsenal are a much bigger club than juve and chelsea

  10. lol vincent kompany was one of the best well known defenders in Europe since he was a younger, he was on the top of most scouts lists for years.

  11. Wa it 50 yrs since Chelsea won there 1st till there 2nd league Tittle?
    yes it was ,so fuck off & dont get involved unless you know what the argument is about

  12. i think yuu may need google to straighten out your ‘facts’. chelsea had won numerous cups between 1970 and 2000 before roman took over.

  13. Toure and Silva didn’t have high profiles before city picked them up!?!?!?!

    What (CENSORED) planet are you on??????????????????????

  14. how many people knew the name Vincent Kompany before we picked him up, or Joe Hart for that matter, think before you spew bullshit. David Silva and Yaya Toure did not have tremendously high profiles before we bought them either. If you knew football you’d also know that Drogba lit up the French footballing world with his season at Marseilles before he departed for Chelsea. And how do explain Sheveychenko, or torres..

  15. the process chelsea went through is completely different than that of city and qpr. chelseas actually involved good scouting for undiscovered players like drogba. city and qpr poached already established players like aguero and park.

  16. all right, all right, I was just pissed off at RVP. Chelsea are quite good and they’re winning stuff and I enjoyed some of their games in the CL. Still Arsenal managed to get higher in the table without some of their best players from the past seasons and that was my point. If Chelsea were clowns I wouldn’t be happy Arsenal are above them. Anyway, a bit rash with my comment.

  17. Rooney did the same thing, so he probably just wants a better contract

  18. Who needs to google that Chelsea had not won anything for 50 yrs its basic facts.
    Clearly you do not know what the word process means. I did not ask for the difference of where they came from I said the process of how they are achieving thier goals is the same.
    Which is indeed spending more than the clubs income! Is that not a fact that Chel & City have been spending more than thier income

  19. laugh of he signs a new contract. he’s not left yet u bunch of idiots. probably spurs fans hating coz they don’t have a good goal scorer

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