25 thoughts on “Sport – Chelsea Vs Barcelona | 18/04/2012 | My Thoughts and Predictions

  1. Hi mate, great video, just wondering, how do you get that BREAKING NEWS banner at the bottom

  2. Chelsea struggle to score a goal that either (A)should’ve been disallowed i.e offside, a foul in the build up, wrongly awarded pen, ghost goal (B) isn’t a penalty or(C) not in stoppage time(1st or 2nd half) & ALL 3 of the the goals that helped CHE go through against Barca were in category C. But u knew with all the dangerous situations they somehow escaped in the 1st leg (& against Napoli) they would go through because luck was very much on their side but the final doesn’t look good for Chelsea.

  3. Chelsea fans need to be realistic here. Ramires,­ Ivanovic, Terry and Meireles are all ineligible for the­ final. Cahill will be doubtful will his hamstring too.­ Ramires provided the essential goal today and you­ don’t win titles with David Luiz and Bosingwa as­ your centre backs! Whether they get Madrid or Munich, I­ have a feeling they’re they’re going to get­ battered.

  4. Everytime barcelona plays against a powerful opponent they make up a patetic fucking excuse to give red cards and fucking penalties and so fucking fed up with this shit . Go CHELSEA for barcelona pieces of shit .. Am drinkin tonight … Fuck messy

  5. im a man u fan but boy am i happy go chelsea chelsea yeaaaaa!!!!! i was so happy i kissed my lampard signed jersey 😛

  6. We are through to the final. 3-2! Come on the Chelsea!

    Unbelievable win for a devout Chelsea fan.

  7. How do you do the amazing celebration in 0:25?
    Sorry for my bad English, i’m from Holland.

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