25 thoughts on “sky sports – barclays premier league montage 2011/2012 (HD)

  1. I Started my season with 4 goals in 2 games in my last game on sunday there I was rushed to hospital with heart problems I’m now not allowed to play football for 2-3months I watch this everyday really cant wait till the next 2-3months to get back out there and hopefully get scoring again!

  2. His very good friend, not only his countryman. Really, why do you even care that Djibril is congratulating Nasri? I know you’re gonna say otherwise if Djibril wasn’t QPR and just lost to ManCity clinching them the title. Another bitter ManUtd fan.

  3. I am aware of that and come on, it’s not international football, it’s club football. Why would be Cisse care if his countrymen, Nasri won the Premier League title with City? Seriously, why bother if they’re both French, it’s not totally related with the scene.

  4. Djibril Cisse and Nasri are both in the French National Team. Know a bit more about football outside Man.Utd, will you?

  5. You are abit of an idiot it seems, you don’t listen do you? the best possible scenario happened, and cisse and nasri celebrated together as they’re teammates, they never gave the match to Manchester City as they were defending for their lives at the end.

  6. Of course I know how dramatic the ending of the PL last season and it is extremely rare to have a title race this close via GD and I don’t know about you but you don’t seem to see my point. Twat.

  7. i can’t even put into words how that day was… almost the worst day of my life turned into the best into a second

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